What You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Escort and Escort Agency

It is evident that great difficult to find, especially if the man is so busy that he doesn’t have so much time to spend finding the right lady. No matter your status, if you single or not, and you need someone to keep your company, but you don’t know how to go about it, you can consider an escort agency. They might be the solution to need.

1. The Escort Company

It is not uncommon to see wealthy men who are always bust to seek the services of escort companies. Most times they seek this service to get a lady escort.  When it comes to escort service, there is a lot of companies that offer such services in the market.  To make sure you that you go for a company that provides professional services with ladies that are specially trained, it is essential that you carry out research online and look for the professional companies with years of experience. 

You might be attracted to a new company, but they might not have the experience that you need.  Also, you are certain that your company of choice does not have any issue with law enforcement agents because if care is not taken, you might with faced with a charge that has to do with hiring a prostitute instead of an escort. These services differ a lot, so make sure you are aware of the difference.

2. The Model

An experienced company will always provide discretion for both the clients and the escorting girls. They should include a catalog that displays the pictures of girls working for the company. Apart from the catalog displaying their photographs, there should also be a short description of each of the girls.  The description should include – what the girl likes to eat, places she likes to visit, her level of education and many more important details.

The more details provided, the easier the choice will be. Some agencies might also ask for the client’s personal detail to give the client a girl that matches their personality. So, it is essential that you give them accurate and honest answer s to their questions. You might be asked questions about your personal preferences – can you travel with someone who is local or who can speak specific languages, do you prefer brunettes or blonde.  All the data given will be kept private and secret.

3. Special Requests

Both parties must be aware of the fact that compatibility between the man and the lady is crucial because it is not just getting physical.

Care must be taken when making your choice. For instance, if you need someone to accompany you to a special event, you will want someone that is well mannered and learned.

There are lots of escort agencies that can take care of your special requests.  They can go as far as providing you an escort with a private jet or a helicopter for you and their lady to have the vacation of your dream.

How To Identify A Fraudulent Escort Agency

Escort agencies are not the only ones guilty of fraud. Take for instance you order for a dress on an online retail store, of course, you made payment before the dress would be packaged and shipped off to you. However, some months later and you are yet to receive your dress, you request for a refund, and it’s not granted it then dawns on you that you bought from fraudulent retailers and all the good reviews on his feedbacks were all fake. 

It could also apply to a scenario where you sign up to a site that’s meant to boost the visibility of your Facebook page, but they only rip you of your money and get nothing done.

Escort agency scams are a lot worse as they swindle not only the clients but the escorts as well.

Or you probably come in contact with an old friend who tells you about a company and product, all you need to is attend their workshop and you get all you need to succeed in the business world at the tip of your finger.

All of these are scams, irrespective of how genuine the company is and the products offer are. They play on your mind, rope you into becoming their marketer and makes it even harder for you to pull out.

The good news is that there are a few ways to identify a fraudulent escort agency which we will be discussing below:

  1. They tell you before you get to see what the site is all about you have to pay and sign up. This is like asking you to pay for a mobile phone before knowing what make it is, would you? You have to run a proper profile and fact-check to know the kind of escort you will be working with and be sure you are not about to be scammed.
  2. They tell you there is a large market opening for escorts with specifications. Be guided to avoid being scammed.
  3. Drug test, insurance, or background checks are expenses any legitimate company will hire employees to take care of, and the cost should not be on you. But most fraudulent escort agencies will ask you to pay for it.
  4. Payment is required of you before you get to see who is on the site. For easy booking of an escort, good clients are always willing to pay for verification check to be run on them. But since there are lots of free online agencies, you do not have to make any payment before you can see who is on the site. 
  5. They deceive you into going on a free date with them by telling you they want a freebie to access your potential. If you ever give in to such request that’s the end of it as they would simply vanish into thin air. Of course, they have no reason to return because they already got what they wanted. Escorting is more than just sex; it’s all about communication and helping someone have a great time. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

In What Ways Can Escorts Evade Their Customers’ Associates?

In cases when you have to work with customers with a split personality, it is possible for you to experience an envious associate. Majority of them may not be honest, and they may be planning to catch their spouse red-handed. Merely being at an unexpected location at an unexpected time might put you directly amidst an unwarranted situation

To avoid being caught in the web of unnecessary distractions, adhere to these few steps:

1.  Avoid Argument: Your connection with your customer goes a long way in surmounting the challenges faced by your customer and his associate, therefore, avoid participating or getting involved in any form of argument that arise with your customer’s associate. Stay clear, don’t make phone calls and try as much as possible to coerce the associate to have a discussion with your customer and make sure you don’t interfere during the discussion. Don’t be engrossed with the scenario by listening to all sorts of cock and bull stories. Also, avoid being brought into the discussion through approaching you to defend him or overlook

2.   Place a call to fix the meeting point at the final hour. A few customers are not good at keeping information private while other associates are incredibly curious and incredible when it comes to investigation. In a situation where your customer feels his partner is profoundly aware of him, it is pertinent to maintain a strategic distance during discussions and avoid disclosing the meeting point until the last hour to the meeting day. With this, there is little or no time available on the part of the associate to locate the meeting point. Since the customer is not privy to the meeting point, it is impossible to abstractly take note of required information on how to locate the place or location where the associate will notice.

3.  Reserve the apartment in the Guesthouse. Perhaps your customer knows his associate is apprehensive of his whereabouts and might tail him, make sure you avoid this by reserving an apartment in a guesthouse with your details. A number of these receptionists will permit one’s spouse to gain access to her hobby’s apartment, therefore if you use your client’s details. She promptly gets information of the present location. Notwithstanding, para-adventure the apartment is booked with your details, it will not be easy to have necessary details particularly in situations whereby you have never been in contact or have any idea of who you truly are. (Most times, your customer rarely have known you in person then, how can the spouse). Ensure your customer adequately pick the bills for the apartment and other expenses that may arise. He ought to be eager to pick the bills, particularly for the comfort of staying away from any dispute with his associate.

4.    Beckon on the law enforcement agency perhaps situations cannot be properly handled. Some associate hold the escorts responsible for the majority of the inconveniences encountered in the clients and usually want to express their feelings on them. If a spouse or sweetheart starts pestering or compromising you for your relationship around their man, don’t delay to beckon on law enforcement agency. They are not authorized to intimidate your security or deny protection of your possessions.  Make sure you garner enough proofs of intimidation (phone call records, text messages and so on) and give to the law enforcement agency when reporting.